How to recover your email password

In the case of web accounts, most passwords are recovered by email.

eBay and Co.: Even large Internet concerns rely on an uncomplicated combination of login and password to log into their systems. If you forgot your password, just send yourself a recovery link. Often the corresponding button is located nearby.

Situation, when access to e-mail is lost, much more complicated. In this case, there is nothing left, except how to create a new account from scratch. This was confirmed by eBay in response to our request. Thus, it will save your nerves, on the other hand, there are still ways to access your email.

Web services. In most cases, the password can be restored, if, of course, two-stage protection is not activated

For accounts with two-step authentication, password recovery is more difficult. Since the password itself can be easily recovered by email, the second key, that is, a one-time code, it is necessary to receive via SMS or generator.

When changing the cell phone number or deleting the code generation application, there is a recovery key or so-called backup codes. They are reported when creating an account. Thanks to them, you can disable the request for the second factor. If these codes have sunk into oblivion, you can’t do without a new account. Recommendations, how not to forget the codes, you will find it in the lower block.

Email: if you lose your password to your email client, eg, when you use the same code for all services and can’t remember it, it is difficult to get access to your accounts. With one exception: data is easy to recover, if an email client is used to exchange messages on your computer. Mail PassView program ( ) scans all popular clients and displays the passwords stored in them.

Email account. If alternative data for communication is not specified, it is necessary to contact technical support and send an ID card

If you log into your account through a browser, there is only one way to help your provider’s hotline. If you have asked a secret question and you know the answer to it, a new password will be issued to you immediately. If this information is lost, In most cases, you will need to show your ID to reset your password.

Access codes to iOS. Expensive programs, such as the Forensic Toolkit from Elcomsoft, they can crack the protection of iPhones by brute force

Basically, it is always necessary to specify alternative methods, by which the mail provider can contact you, for example, phone number or other email address. This will allow you to set a new password.