How to protect your smartphone from hacking: the main ways

Mobile phone is of great interest to hackers, therefore, it is necessary to protect it properly. We tell you, what exactly is worth doing.

How secure are iOS and Android

If you have an iPhone or iPad, there is no need to be afraid of hackers. The system is very closed in itself, therefore, it is almost impossible to crack it only if you get all your passwords and the device directly into your hands. Truth, if you have jailbroken, that made him partially vulnerable.

Unfortunately, with Android gadgets, the situation looks different. Most of the viruses, designed for smartphones, it was developed specifically for the Android system. Unfortunately, because the operating system is very open, it’s easy for hackers to get into it.

  • Operation

Jailbreak and Root rights

Jailbreak or Root access operation removes individual security elements of your smartphone on iOS or Android. Of course, this will allow you to, for example, install additional apps for free, but at the same time, you make the smartphone an easy prey for scammers.

How to protect your phone from being hacked by intruders

There are several ways, with which you can protect yourself from hacker attacks.







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