The best free programs for checking your computer: testing components

There are a large number of special utilities for testing PC components. We recommend those, which we use ourselves.

A computer is a whole mechanism, consisting of many components. The overall health of the PC depends on each component. In order to, to keep your computer in good shape, it is advisable to carry out diagnostics from time to time. Programs, which will scan all the hardware and give a general verdict, not yet. Therefore, you will have to turn to different tools for help. We have selected an assortment of proven utilities: most of them are free, but even paid ones have a fairly long test period.

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Collecting information about the system

To collect comprehensive information about the available hardware, The tools built into Windows are not enough. Third-party software will reveal to you all the ins and outs about your components. You can do this, for example, using AIDA64.

The program knows literally everything. The number and volume of installed drives. Driver versions. How many peripherals are connected. Temperatures of all components. The speed of coolers. Voltage and volume of electricity consumed. With the help of this software, it is very convenient to monitor the state of the computer and compare the results with the recommended values. And if something is wrong, you need to run more specialized tools. As an analog, you can use HWMonitor.

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Checking the RAM

RAM is used in many system processes, but it fails extremely rarely. No wonder the manufacturer’s warranty on many models is 10 years. However, sometimes there are errors in the operation of memory. To check them out, you can use it as a built-in Windows utility, and software from a third-party developer.

We recommend starting with an OS-integrated program. To do this, press the key combinationWin Rmdsched. 

For a better analysis of RAM operation, you can use theMemtest86 tool

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Checking hard drives and SSDs

If you encounter friezes in games, then the reason does not always lie in RAM, processor and video card. Often a hard drive, on which the game is installed, has bad sectors. You can check the status of the hard drive using the program CrystalDiskInfo. It will display the summary information about your HDD. For example, temperature, total working time, number of inclusions, technical condition and errors. This software does not know how to reincarnate the drive, therefore, you should use another utility.

Victoria is a more complex and professional solution, which is designed to treat a hard drive. The program has many algorithms for correcting bad blocks and is able to work as in the interface of the operating system, so it is in DOS mode. With her help, by the way, it is possible to carry out a complete erasure of information, so that it cannot be restored. You should use the software with caution.

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Testing the processor

This is especially true in the case of, if you are overclocking the CPU or if you have installed a new cooling. With the help of a stress test, you can determine, how much the coolers are loaded, how the processor feels after overclocking. OCCT will help us with this.

And even with the help of this program, you can test a video card, we recommend using another program (it is slightly lower). OCCT supports 99% of processor models and is able to load each of them to the fullest (unlike the aforementioned AIDA64, which also has a benchmark). The software allows you to monitor the voltage level of the stone on graphs, degree and type of loading (there are several types of tests), temperature, and also the level of trottling. 

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Video card benchmark

Similar with cpu test, after overclocking the video card, you need to check it for performance. Overclocking almost any graphics chip gives 5-10% performance gain. But it’s important, so that the component works stably. The FurMark program can check the GPU cooling system and its resistance to high frequencies.

Unlike analogues, this software has a huge number of settings, which are able to fully load your video card and its coolers. There are several popular presets with different resolutions and a table of the results of all modern GPUs. Another popular GPU-Z tool is also built into the utility., which displays detailed information about the graphics accelerator. And for overclocking and cooling settings, MSI Afterburner is best suited.

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