Useful gadgets for skiers and snowboarders

Seasoned athletes know that when buying glasses for winter sports, many factors must be taken into account, but most likely no one even expects to receive this from such a miracle of technology. Oakley Airwave 1.5 has a built-in microcomputer and can be conveniently controlled via the application

Techno highlights for winter sports: The highest class among ski goggles

Oakley Airwave 1.5

Seasoned athletes know that when buying glasses for winter sports, many factors must be taken into account - and these glasses will certainly help. Oakley Airwave 1.5 has a built-in microcomputer and can be conveniently controlled via an application.

Glasses provide a good view when riding on mountain slopes, and they are equipped with a small screen: thanks to the GPS module, you will always have up-to-date information about speed and location in front of your eyes. And this gadget also measures height differences.

In amusement parks and, certainly, In the wild, all your tricks and jumps are documented using the ‘Airtime’ function - the gadget counts the time spent in the air. The screen displays individual indicators for the track and for the trick - you can start freeriding!

To get to a ski resort for the first time and, Despite this, start right away: thanks to the built-in navigation system and route maps, The ‘Ski Heil’ function will guide you from the very first minute to the descent from the mountain.

If the mountain view takes your breath away, you can share it on Facebook. If you wish, you can also keep a social network in front of your eyes and receive new notifications.

Besides, These glasses can play your favorite music for you while riding. With these glasses, you can even make calls and receive SMS messages. Cost: about 60,000 rubles.

Three inexpensive cameras for ‘highway’ videos: helmet-mounted camera (GoPro), ski goggles, etc.

GoPro Hero5

In order to, to capture on photos and videos bold stunts or quiet races on the slopes of the mountains, you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. With the help of the presented cameras, you will be able to surprise friends and relatives.

Rapid heartbeat of athletes can cause GoPro Hero5, allows you to shoot professional video in 4K format. But because of the cost of about 20,000 rubles, you can’t call it cheap (you can find an earlier version of GoPro Hero3 on the secondary market, at a more reasonable price, shooting in FullHD format with good quality). Fortunately, there are good alternatives to GoPro, prices for which start from 8000 rubles.

You should also pay attention to the Stoga SSC001 action camera, which costs about 3,500 rubles (plus shipping) to, shoots videos in Full-HD resolution and offers a 120-degree viewing angle.

Even cheaper: you can simply purchase a helmet mount for your digital camera. The price tag starts from 550 rubles.

Ski helmet with music: rich bass for the mountain world

Ski helmets with integrated speakers, although they look like quite ordinary helmets, but with AC/DC

The cost of helmets starts at 3,500 rubles., lovers of economy can equip their own helmet with an audio system (which costs about 1400 rubles.).

Helmets with integrated Bluetooth speakers (cost approximately 5000 rubles.) although more expensive, however, those engaged in winter sports, are the most popular. First of all because, that on a sunny afternoon in an alpine meadow, such a helmet can be removed without the risk of getting tangled in the wire.

One of the most useful gadgets: ski shoe dryer with odor remover

To do so, so that your ski boots and snowboard boots are ready for use the next day, maybe a special dryer. Such dryers can be found at a price already from 1000 rubles, and you can even use them for walking shoes in the summer. Presumably such a device should destroy not only dampness, but also unpleasant odors.

A, if the shoes are left dry, you can also use the gadget for gloves. Ideal for a midday break in an alpine meadow, and then you can go on a further journey with warm gloves or boots.

By the way, at that time, while the shoes are drying, you can put on warm USB slippers. They cost about 1000 rubles.

In order to, so that your feet don’t freeze on the track, use high-quality heated stockings. They are perfect for, to warm your feet during a lift ride.

Heated clothing for large and small frosts

You will no longer be able to freeze while skiing or snowboarding: heated clothing will be especially useful for not very experienced winter sports enthusiasts, which often fall in the snow.

Heated gloves, which cost about 1500 rubles, they can provide warmth to your hands all the way to your fingertips. At the same time, you should have enough AA batteries for one or two winter days.

For a good winter jacket, you often have to pay more than 10,000 rubles. - a heated fleece vest will cost much cheaper, which can be dressed up under a rather thin jacket. Such a wardrobe item costs about 4000 rubles.

And in order to, to keep your hands warm during phone conversations, you can use special ‘Hi-Fun Hi-Call gloves’ (and made of leather, by the way, also). Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can have phone conversations, by making a gesture, usually meaning ‘call me’: the thumb with the speaker is put to the ear, and the little finger with an integrated microphone is to the mouth (the cost is about 2000 rubles).

If you often use an action camera, you can conveniently control it using NFC gloves. Most GoPro smartphones and models have NFC modules.

Is there no network in the mountains? Here’s a solution for you

At that time, as one of the friends is already waiting at the campsite on the alpine meadow, and the other is still just standing in line for the lift, it is often impossible to exchange SMS because of the poor network in the mountains. goTenna is the solution.

Small transmitter with antenna, no larger than a USB flash drive, creates its own network and ensures that messages are sent over a distance of up to 5 kilometers. The only condition is that the recipient also needs to carry goTenna with him.

At the same time , the range of action, originally stated as 5 kilometers, increases, if there are more goTenna users nearby. All because, that the devices are building their own small network, by which data can be delivered further. Initially, this technology appeared in the military, but among skiers and snowboarders, it has also gained great popularity (the cost is about 22,500 rubles.).

The joy of freestyle: documenting the best tricks

It doesn’t matter, are you in an amusement park near your home, or in search of thrills they got out to do a couple of tricks in the wild, you will need more than just an action camera.

For transmitting such data, how is the time spent in the air, jump height, overcome height differences, duration of arrival and duration of the way uphill or downhill, you will also need a special sports sensor.

One of the best universal tools for documenting tricks is the PIQ BKITE1 Multisport Sensor, which is used even by professionals. The sensor is easily attached to a ski boot or snowboard (the average price is about 14,000 rubles in ).