How to choose the right synthesizer: CHIP tips

It’s never too late to start learning something new, for example, play a synthesizer simplified version of the piano. However, the choice of a musical instrument may not be so simple. How not to make a mistake with a purchase, we will tell you in our article.

In the assortment of music stores and websites, engaged in the sale of electronics, you can find dozens of models with different prices and functionality. Therefore , before, how to choose a synthesizer for a beginner adult, it is worth getting acquainted with those parameters of the tool, worthy of the buyer’s special attention.

Types of synthesizers

Solving, how to choose a synthesizer for home, it is necessary to immediately determine its type. Conventionally , they can be divided into three categories:

  • Models for beginners.
  • Semi-professional devices.
  • Professional synthesizers

There is also a fourth category of digital pianos. The tool, the game on which simulates classical musical models. Solving, what to choose for a beginner, synthesizer or digital piano, usually they stop at the first option. The second one suits those, who has played the piano or piano before. The price of a digital piano is usually higher, than a synthesizer, but you can also find budget versions like the YAMAHA NP-32 with plug-in pedals, 76 keys and 10 timbres.

Keyboard type

Next parameter, which is paid attention to when choosing the keyboard view tool, the size and number of keys. For an adult beginner musician, a full-size version with 76 or 88 keys is suitable.

Keyboards can be simple and dynamic, which react to the force of pressing. For a beginner musician, both options are suitable. However, it is more profitable to purchase a model with standard keys. And only then, having learned to play and gained experience, you can choose a semi-professional synthesizer with a sensitive keyboard.

Tool Characteristics

Most manufacturers of electronic musical instruments have their own ‘proprietary’ technologies. For the Casio Digital Piano, this is Morfing Air, Yamaha has an AWM Stereo Sempling processor. But a beginner should not pay attention to these functions. In inexpensive models suitable for him, there are simplified versions of the same technologies that do not affect the price too much.

List of parameters, which are also worth paying attention to before choosing a synthesizer for a beginner’s home:

  • Polyphony.
  • The number of timbres.
  • Accompaniment styles.
  • Availability and types of connectors
  • Sampler.

If the buyer of the instrument is going to record the resulting works, it is worth choosing a model with a USB drive connection or a microSD memory card connector. A beginner does not need this parameter, moreover, because of it, the price of the instrument increases. Although there is support for installing memory cards for budget synthesizers such as DENN DEK610.

Built-in learning system

Continuing to understand, which synthesizer is better to choose, it is worth paying attention to the options with training programs. Musicians call them ’self-playing’. The built-in software allows a beginner to complete a whole course of study, having learned which, you can play independently and even compose music. The difference between models with such a program is the periodically appearing prompts in the form of images on the LCD screen or the backlight of the keys.

Another function of models with a learning system is automatic accompaniment, thanks to which the synthesizer can finish playing the missed sounds. You can find training programs in such a popular model as the Casio LK-265. The training system here is made step-by-step: the tool provides voice accompaniment of actions and visual. Learning, you can use two hands or choose a batch for only one. To learn melodies and improve skills, a metronome with a tempo range of 20-255 beats is used.

Synthesizer brand

Answer the question, which synthesizer to choose for home, information about well-known manufacturers of musical electronics will help. So, if necessary, get at your disposal the most functional and user-friendly models, it is worth giving preference to the brandRoland

If the buyer is faced with the task of buying not only reliable, but also a compact tool, you can pay attention to the well-known worldwide companyYamaha

The models of the companyKorgalso have a large number of functions

You can also buy a Casio synthesizer for your homeDENN

What else to pay attention to

Having decided on the basic parameters of the synthesizer, which is suitable for a beginner, it is worth finding a suitable option on the Internet. But it is desirable to buy it in a music store like this, where you can personally look at the equipment and make sure, that it suits you. The final synthesizer selection will look something like this:

  1. First, it is worth examining all the models, which are in stock, suitable for pre-selected characteristics and price. Those, which you liked, you can ask to turn on and listen, by selecting the automatic accompaniment mode. If you are not satisfied with the sound, it is better to switch to another tool right away.
  2. Choosing equipment at a price, worth knowing, that expensive models have broader functionality, but a significant part of them is not needed by a beginner. And to begin with, it is recommended to buy a cheaper model, and only then choose the option with the most necessary functions.
  3. When choosing, you should pay attention to the design. It is undesirable to take models with outdated-looking and bulky cases. You can also choose a synthesizer by the design of the control elements if you don’t like the instrument externally, it won’t be too comfortable to play on it.
  4. Another important factor is the presence of a power supply. Sometimes it is included in the package, but if the item has to be purchased separately, expenses will increase by $30-60. It would be correct to clarify, is there a case or a case in the set. In the absence of such an accessory, it is worth buying, to save the synthesizer when transporting or carrying.
  5. Making a purchase, the buyer must check the correctness of filling out the warranty card. The standard warranty period for the equipment is one year, besides, that she usually serves at least 5 years. Sometimes sellers offer to extend the warranty service for an additional fee.

The main parameters of a good synthesizer:

  • type: beginner or semi-professional,
  • keyboard: minimum 61 full-size keys,
  • number of octaves 5 or 6,
  • connectors: headphone input,
  • additional features: training program.

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