How to install the motherboard in the case

Assembling a computer from individual components yourself is not such a difficult task. In this article we will tell you, how to properly install the motherboard in the case of the system unit.

Unpack the case, open both side covers and remove all the mounting elements folded in it (bolts, guides for drives and cable ties). Place the case on the right side (when viewed from the front). Screw in the spacer screws, included in the delivery package, into the holes of the support plate.

Before removing the motherboard from the protective antistatic package, it is necessary, in order to remove static electricity, touch the radiator or water pipe with your hand and, if possible, charge only for the edges (the same condition applies to the processor, RAM and video cards).

At first, for a trial, attach the back panel to the rear connectors of the motherboard, at the same time, there is often a need for a slight bend of the clamps on the board for a tight fit.

Then snap the back panel into the corresponding housing socket (so, so that the retainers are located inside), align the connectors of the motherboard and install it on the base plate.

To align the holes in the motherboard with the threaded holes, slide the board in the direction of the rear panel. Before finally tightening the screws, check again, whether all the connectors of the motherboard match the holes of the back panel.