How to find a phone by IMEI. Dispel myths

Unfortunately, sometimes a smartphone can get lost, sometimes it can even be stolen. Is it possible to find a phone by IMEI, via satellite or something else? No. The only way to search is with the help of the police. However, there are several strange myths connected with this question, which we decided to deal with.

So, you have lost your beloved gadget, which hides almost your whole life. What to do in this situation? The answer is one: search. And of course, by IMEI, we’ll figure out the details in the process. It remains only to understand, what is this IMEI. Let’s start with this question.

What is IMEI

This is how the sticker with the IMEI code on the box looks like

Each mobile phone is assigned its own identification number, by which he registers on the network. This number must be assigned to the device at production and, in theory, change it if not impossible, that is very laborious. It is to ensure security - to, stealing a smartphone, the attacker could not change his IMEI - the algorithm for assigning it is constantly being changed. At the very beginning, when mobile phones were just starting to make, there were 14 characters in the code, and in 2004 there were 15 of them. This code consists of an identifier, designations of the place and date of assembly and other information, which the user does not need to know.

IMEI can be seen, if you carefully look at the boxfind on the phone itselfkeyboard shortcut

Important: the code for checking the IMEI is *#06# and the call.

The phone was stolen. What to do?

No one is immune from a thief

If your phone was stolen, first of all, you need to write astatement to the policethe police can send a request to the operator to track the phone

When the phone goes online, this happens precisely with the help of an identification code, and the base station ‘finds out’, that this or that phone has entered the network, using two factors: the SIM card signal and the IMEI of a particular device. However,locate the smartphoneonly by IMEIcan’t

Only the operator can say, where is the lost phone located, and he can do this only at the request of the competent authorities.

In order to, to write a statement to the police

In fact, your gadget will actually be searched for only if, if its loss occurred as a result of a criminal offense, for example, robbery, etc.

That’s why any other suggestionsfind a phone by IMEIfailurefraudulent

Why can’t I find a phone by IMEI online

Imagine that:your phone has been stolen

The thing is, that even when the gadget is turned off, there arerunning processesno satellite, no base station - yes at all, nobody

On the other hand, as soon as a new SIM card is inserted into the stolen phone and it tries to register on the network, it is thanks to the IMEI that the system will light up, that the stolen phone appeared there. In Europe and the USA, such a device is immediately blocked, thus, a pickpocket or a lover of saving money will not get much joy from stealing. But in the Russian Federation there is no such system yet, but, perhaps, he’ll be here soon.

However, to protect your phone from thieves or, at least, make their life not so sweet, may, and in the following articles we will tell, how to do it.

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