How to protect the smartphone screen from damage?

In order to, to protect the smartphone screen from damage, you can use not only a protective film. There are other options to keep the appearance of the display in a new state, which we will tell you about in this article.

If you want to protect the mobile phone display, then you have several options. About, which ones exactly, we will tell you in this article with practical tips.

Protecting the mobile phone display

  • Case:
  • Cover:
  • Protective glass or film:
  • Most smartphones have the film pasted during manufacture, therefore, in this case, you can not take any more protective measures.
  • Various variants of the above protections can be purchased in specialized stores, they should be suitable in size for your smartphone.

A new technology for protecting displays is the so-called ‘Liquid Glass’. What is hidden behind this concept, we tell you in a separate article.