How to remove Windows 10 from your computer completely!

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I bought a new computer not so long ago, and 2 operating systems were installed on it at once: Windows 7 and 10 (apparently due to the fact that I asked in the order that I needed a ’seven’ - they put it on, and they did not delete the 10th one).

Now, when I turn on my computer, I have a menu with a choice of system (it doesn’t really bother me, but still …). The worst thing is that 10 is sometimes updated (moreover, it wakes up the PC from sleep mode, no settings affect it).

Tell me how to remove Windows 10 from the computer completely? So that it is nowhere to be found: neither in the menu, nor on the disk!


I ‘roughly’ understood your question

And so…


The content of the article

  • 1 Reset or complete removal of Windows 10 from disk
    • 1.1 What to do before deleting (important!)
    • 1.2Option 1: Reset Windows 10 settings or roll back the system to a previous version
    • 1.3 Option 2: Installing ‘fresh’ OS and disk formatting
    • 1.4Option 3: Deleting the disk partition from under the LiveCD

Reset or completely delete Windows 10 from disk

What to do before deleting (important!)

If you have 2 Windows OS on disk (like the author of the question) and you are going to use one of them - boot into this system and

Note: To see if you have recovery points - click Win Rrstrui


Be sure to write down and create an installation flash drive with Windows (even if you are not going to reinstall anything).

Creating a bootable USB flash drive Windows 10/7 -instructions

It can be useful in a variety of cases (even when the problem did not arise because of you): for example, the electricity will ‘blink’ and the OS will not boot…

Other than that


If you have an ‘interfering’ menu when booting your computer (

For example, if you have 2 OS: Windows 7 and 10, then you can configure it so that 7 is always loaded, and 10 is loaded only when you manually select it (so it won’t bother you …)

you can remove one of them from the menu so that the PC always loads the OS of your choice by default

This is done simply:

1) First you need to go to’My computer is open. system parameters (see screenshot below).

Additional system parameters

Next in the tab’Additionally, you need to open the recovery boot parameters, select the default OS (arrow-3

Display the OS list for 1 sec.!

The issue will be resolved


Option 1: Reset Windows 10 settings or roll back the system to a previous version

If you want to delete your current Windows 10 due to the fact that it became buggy (or you recently upgraded your 7-ku/8-ku to 10-ku and you didn’t like it) - perhaps you should first try to return Windows to its original state (reset).

Fortunately, this function is built directly into the OS itself and is performed quite easily.

First you need to open Windows parametersWin i

Windows 10 settings - open with Win i

In the tab’Restoration’ will be 2 cherished options:

  • ‘To return the computer to its original state’ - the current version of Windows will be reset (in fact, something like reinstalling the OS, only saving* your files and documents),
  • ‘Go back to Windows 7/8′ - this feature only works for a while after updating the OS. If the function is active for you, you can return to your 7th in the ‘blink of an eye’ (for example

You can reset Windows 10 or return to the previous OS


Option 2: Install ‘fresh’ OS and disk formatting

During the installation of Windows OS, you can easily and simply format any of the disk partitions (including those with Windows 10). Moreover, it is not necessary to continue the installation further - that is, you can delete the data section and stop there…

To do this, you need to connect

Start of installation - language selection

Then you need to click ‘next/next’ several times until a window appears with the choice of type of installation

Custom installation

Next, select the disk partition with Windows 10 installed and click the ‘Delete’ button (see the example below).


Select the Windows 10 partition and delete it

After the operation is successfully completed, you can either continue installing the new OS, or simply restart the computer and the issue will be ‘closed’ (Windows 10 will be completely 100% removed).


Option 3: Delete the disk partition from under the LiveCD

This method is good because you can delete any disk partition (or format it), and even in the saddest cases (when others methods are powerless). In addition, using LiveCD, you can copy all the necessary files from disk to others. drives (before formatting it).

Of course


Next, you will need to

In my example, I used LiveCD from Sergey Strelts - he has a shortcut on his desktop for accessing disk management (Windows Disk Management). I recommend it and use it!

LiveCD - start disk management

After that, you will only have to select the desired disk, right-click on it and specify ‘Format’ (or ‘Delete volume’) in the menu.Important


By the way, if suddenly the standard disk management tool with LiveCD will not be able to format the disk (and I don’t remember when it happened) - use programs from a third-party manufacturer.

For example, ‘MiniTool Partition Wizard’ (if you created the LiveCD recommended by me, then there are a lot of useful things in the START menu

Other tools for working with the disk


Alternative methods are welcome!

All the best!

Useful software:

  • Video Editing
  • Excellent software for creating your first videos (all actions follow the steps!).
    Even a beginner will make a video!

  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from ‘garbage’ (removes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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